Fish for pond stockings are available year round.  There are many variables that will effect the quantity of fish that we will recommend as stocking densities for your pond.  We would like to talk to you before  your order is placed.  Please call Cannon Taylor - cell 803-940-0322.   If we are out - leave a message.  Or, you can e-mail us for more information.
We can meet your budget - fish can be picked up or we can deliver.  Give us a call.  We have been building and stocking ponds for over 30 years.

Generally we have fish from 1" to food size

Largemouth Bass LMB.JPG (4058 bytes) These Northern strain fish are pellet (food) trained -  recommended 100 per acre.
Bream Bream.JPG (2818 bytes) This fish is the base of the food chain - recommended 1,000 per acre.
Hybrid Striped Bass HSB.JPG (3414 bytes) Can now be stocked in SC ponds without a permit.  They do not successfully reproduce.  Recommended 200 per acre.
Black Crappie Recommended 200 per acre.  In ponds with farm raised shad, we have grown trophy crappie to 4.5 lbs.
Shellcracker These fish will eat snails that bream will not eat - recommended 200 per acre.
Channel Catfish Channel.JPG (2898 bytes) Recommended 200 per acre.
Gambusia Minnows Another food source for bass, bream, and crappie.
 Gizzard Shad A "must have" secret ingredient for trophy bass & crappie.  This fish expands the base of the food chain and is also used as bait - recommended 200 per acre.
Add $2.50/mile (one way) if we are to deliver by truck.
In the Southeast, the following stocking quantities
are recommended as a general rule: 
Hybrid Striped Bass  -  200/acre
Largemouth Bass  -  100/acre
Bream  -  1,000/acre
Catfish  -  200-400/acre
Crappie - 200 acre

An acre pond is considered one surface acre of water four (4') foot deep on average.


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